LeapReader™ Interactive Reading Game: Animal Adventure
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LeapReader™ Interactive Reading Game: Animal Adventure

Ages 4-8 yrs.
Bring the animal world to life with interactive gameplay! Build a different board every time with 7 habitats, become an animal expert and explore 100+ animal facts!

Type: Book

Curriculum: Science

Works With: LeapReader

Publisher: LeapFrog


MSRP   $13.99



Play this interactive board game alone or with friends— complete challenges and mini-games as you race to win.

Animal instincts

Activate each player's special animal ability like the snowy owl's silent flight, the leopard's sneak attack and more!

Animals & ecosystems

Excite their curiosity as they practice thinking like a scientist and learning about animals and adaptations.

Reading challenges

Introduce new science vocabulary in a playful way with the animal action cards and included Field Guide.

5 mini-games

Use deductive reasoning, scientific classification and scientific thinking skills to complete engaging mini-games.

About the series

In this game, children prepare for a lifetime of scientific discovery by building and applying these skills as they learn about the characteristics of a diverse array of animals.

  • Product dimensions:  6.8Wx9.5Hx.6D
  • Product weight:  1.3 lbs


  • Animals
  • Ecosystems
  • Thinking Like a Scientist
The Learning Difference

Providing children with opportunities to build knowledge in an area of personal interest can support reading comprehension and vocabulary development. With the Learn through Reading series, children apply their reading skills to explore maps, charts, tables and other types of informational texts.

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