The Tawny Scrawny Lion
  • The Tawny Scrawny Lion
  • The Tawny Scrawny Lion

The Tawny Scrawny Lion

Ages 4-7 yrs.
Discover how hospitality can turn predators into friends in this touching tale.

Type: Audio Book

Curriculum: Listening Skills

Works With: LeapReader

Publisher: Random House

Written by Kathryn Jackson
Narrated by Susan Gregory and Skip Hinnant
Digital Download




Deep in the Australian hinterlands, lives a tawny scrawny lion. He chases monkeys on Mondays, kangaroos on Tuesdays, zebras on Wednesdays, bears on Thursdays, camels on Fridays and elephants on Saturdays. He catches every animal he chases, but the more he eats, the scrawnier he gets! A habitually hungry predator strikes fear in the hearts of the local animals, so they send a plump young rabbit to talk to the lion—and get more than they ever hoped.

Prick up your ears for this touching tale of unlikely friendship and peaceable problem solving. You’ll fall in love with the earnest little rabbit and the tawny scrawny lion—as people have been doing for more than 60 years.


  • Listening Comprehension
  • Vocabulary

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