LeapTV™  Mr. Pencil™ Presents DoodleCraft
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LeapTV™ Mr. Pencil™ Presents DoodleCraft

Ages 4-7 yrs.
Create a unique and ever-changing world. Build and customize buildings, and go on creative quests to unlock and explore 5 different neighborhoods. Share a world with a friend or make separate islands! The learning adapts to each player's level for just the right challenge.

Number of Players: 1-2

Number of Controllers: 1-2

Child appears on-screen. This game includes 2-player simultaneous gameplay. (Multiplayer feature requires two controllers.)

Type: Active Learning Game

Curriculum: Creativity & Life Skills

Notable: Child appears on-screen; Multiplayer feature

Works With: LeapTV

Publisher: LeapFrog

Classic Control, Body Motion, Pointer Play
This game is available as a cartridge or as a download in the LeapFrog App Center. Multiplayer feature requires two controllers.
Digital Download




Build and customize the ultimate island destination! Get up and get creative: paint, scrub, sort and explore.

Build a world

Build and paint structures to bring the island to life. Earn blueprints and tools along the way for never-ending fun!

Complete quests

Go on quests for local inhabitants to unlock and explore 5 neighborhoods. Find treasure, collect quest items and more.

Keep it tidy

Use body motion to smash and recycle items, clear away obstacles and scrub buildings. Work as a team to tidy up town!

Create and customize

Select a blueprint to color and customize. Add patterns, doors, windows, glitter—let creativity run wild!

Find hidden objects

Use observation and matching skills to find locations and objects around the island, and unlock new tools.

Sort and classify

Use body motion to grab and sort objects based on their color or type.

Ways to play

Use classic control to navigate. Build and paint with the pointer, and use body motion to smash, grab, scrub and sort.


  • Art & Drawing
  • Creative Expression
  • Sorting & Classifying
  • Spatial Reasoning
The Learning Difference

“This game combines exploratory and guided play to foster creativity. Exciting quests challenge children's spatial and motor skills as they explore new art tools and techniques. Then, they apply what they've learned to create their own world to play in." –Clement C., Ph.D., LeapFrog Learning Expert

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