LF1911 Pan & Tilt Camera
  • LF1911 WiFi 1080p FHD 360° Pan & Tilt Remote Access Camera View 1
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LF1911 WiFi 1080p FHD 360° Pan & Tilt Remote Access Camera

Color Night Vision, Adaptive Color Night Light, Soothing Sounds & Lullabies, Smart Sensors

  • Watch over your little one at home using your smartphone/tablet with the LeapFrog Baby Care App connected to this WiFi enabled Camera.

  • View room from top to bottom with the 100-degree vertical tilt angle and from side to side with the 360-degree horizontal pan capability.

  • Create a comfortable environment by using the adaptive night light, soothing sounds and by monitoring the room temperature and humidity levels.

  • Magnify details up to eight times their original size with the crisp digital zoom range and monitor room temperature and humidity levels.

  • See your baby as clear as day, even in ultra-low light, thanks to the Color Night Vision technology.

  • Enhance your baby's sleep environment with this sound & light profile recommended by the experts at LeapFrog.

  • Free professional in-app advice and videos provided by the experts at LeapFrog help assist in the growth and development of your baby.

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Colour night vision

Advanced night vision sensors allow you to clearly see your baby in full colour view under ultra-low-light conditions before automatically switching to infrared mode.

Adaptive colour night light

A soothing adaptive night light of multiple colours adjusts to the brightness of the room, gently illuminating a dark nursery for your baby. Easily controlled from the parent viewer or directly with one-touch.

Temperature & humidity sensor

When the room climate is outside a comfortable range, the readings on parent viewer alert you with changed colours.

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