The Human Body: Captain Plasma
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The Human Body Game: LeapTV edition

Ages 4-7 yrs.
Climb aboard The Blood Vessel for "hearty" missions that explore our amazing anatomy.

Number of Players: 1

Number of Controllers: 1

Type: Active Learning Game

Curriculum: Science

Works With: LeapTV

Publisher: LeapFrog

Classic Control
Digital Download




Hop aboard The Blood Vessel and use the LeapTV classic controller to go on hearty missions through the human body.

Organs & systems

Navigate 7 systems of the body, and learn all about our organs—like how the heart keeps us ticking.

Systems in synergy

Use the controller to steer through the human body to collect energy balls and oxygen orbs, but avoid amino acids and vitamins so they can do their jobs!

Amazing anatomy

Defeat invading viruses, heal wounds and deliver oxygen to complete assignments. Then, get a debriefing from the Captain!

Way to play

Use the LeapTV classic controller to navigate the human body.


  • Human Body
  • Life Science
  • Logic & Reasoning

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