The Good Dinosaur: Arlo and Spot
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Disney•Pixar The Good Dinosaur: Arlo & Spot’s Wild Collection

Ages 4-7 yrs.
Brave the world of The Good Dinosaur with Arlo and Spot, a big-hearted Apatosaurus and his unlikely human friend. Collect items, learn fun facts, sort and graph what you collect while exploring three naturalistic environments.

Type: Learning Game

Curriculum: Science

Works With: LeapPad Academy, LeapPad Ultimate, LeapPad Jr., LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition, LeapFrog Epic, LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad3, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad2

Publisher: LeapFrog

Digital Download




Help Arlo and Spot get back home by collecting, sorting, and graphing objects from the environment.

Worlds to explore

Venture through the forest, plains, and mountains. Dodge pterodactyls and raptors as the duo follows the river home!

Creatures big and small

Collect small objects as the human boy Spot and bigger objects as Arlo the dinosaur. Then have them work together to collect huge items!

Sorting & graphing

Think like a scientist and collect skills for school by learning about animals, sorting and classifying, and graphing the amazing things you discover!

Animal flashcards

Unlock flashcards for every creature you encounter, and discover fun facts about their diet and behaviors.

Movie magic

Earn badges for new discoveries and uncover a magical scene from the movie!


  • Animals
  • Sorting & Classifying
  • Tables
  • Charts & Graphs
The Learning Difference

With 15 levels of fast-paced collection game play, Disney-Pixar™ The Good Dinosaur: Arlo and Spot’s Wild Collection combines life science topics with basic mathematics skills. It introduces children to birds, mammals, insects, and more, and provides opportunities to practice sorting skills and using charts to organize and make comparisons.

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