ABC & 123 Laptop
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ABC & 123 Laptop™

Ages 3-6 yrs.
Explore letters, counting and basic computer skills with this colorful, pretend laptop! Code simple programs to clean or cuddle him, then write pretend text messages.
ABC & 123 Laptop
ABC & 123 Laptop™, Quick Start Guide

Curriculum: Various

Publisher: LeapFrog

Also available in pink

ABC & 123 Laptop™ Available at Amazon

MSRP   $39.99


Have a blast practicing letters, counting and basic computer skills with your buddy, Pixel on the ABC, 123 Laptop™. Pixel's hands move and his face animates as he tells jokes, sings and dances. Learn and laugh as you play over 10 engaging activities with Pixel. Curious to know more about him? He loves football and hanging out with his buddy Computer Chip (but you can just call him Chip for short). You can even have fun coding simple programs to clean, cuddle or feed your adorable laptop pal! Immerse yourself in interactive play with Pixel as you count snacks and feed them to him. Don't forget to practice your typing by sending texts to Chip and eagerly await a response. Learning is just a click away with Pixel - your adorable new laptop pal!

Letter Games
Pretend to search the internet for letters by their names and sounds.

Count and Cuddle
Count to 10 and give Pixel digital hugs and kisses.

Spelling Mystery
Type the correct letters to reveal the mystery word.

Nurturing Game
Snack time! Count along to feed Pixel the correct amount of food.

Arcade Word Game
Jump to grab letters and spell words.

Quick Coding
Program a string of simple actions to dress and dance with Pixel.

Pretend Texts
Write and read pretend texts to practice literacy skills.

Music and Dancing
Jam to learning songs, listen to classical music or play Freeze Dance.

  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Product weight:  0.72 kg


  • Computer Literacy
  • Counting
  • Feelings & Emotions
  • Phonics
  • The Alphabet
The Learning Difference

"ABC & 123 Laptop™ features Pixel, the perfect pal for teaching kids foundational skills for computer literacy and preschool. Every byte is packed with digital activities that Pixel uses to introduce kids to typing, letters, and numbers that will keep them laughing and learning all day. ” Ben J. Miller, Ph.D., LeapFrog Learning Expert

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