Write It! Talking Words Factory™ Activity Set
  • Write It! Talking Words Factory™ Activity Set

LeapReader™ Write It! Talking Words Factory™ Activity Set

Ages 4-7 yrs.
Learn to build and write words at the Talking Words Factory.
Write It! Talking Words Factory™ Activity Set
What's in the box

• Write It! Talking Words Factory™ Workbook
• 25 Extra Sheets of Special, Mess-free Writing Paper

Type: Activity set

Curriculum: Handwriting

Works With: LeapReader

Publisher: LeapFrog



Explore early phonics with Leap, Lily, and Tad at the Talking Words Factory.

Mess-free writing

Trace and write words with stroke-by-stroke audio support, and see each letter magically appear on mess-free paper.

Word building

Watch the Word Whammer and Sticky-Ick-o-Rama use vowels as word-building glue, and then combine letters to form words!

Vowels and rhyming

Learn about short vowel sounds and use consonant blends to create rhyming words with common ending sounds.

About the series

The Read and Write series supports reading and writing development with LeapFrog™ mess-free writing paper.

  • Product dimensions:  18.3Wx28.5Hx3.6D
  • Product weight:  0.47 kg


  • Handwriting
  • Vowels
  • Word Sounds & Rhyme
The Learning Difference

With Write It! Talking Words Factory, children write in missing short vowels to complete words, build new words by changing short vowel sounds, and select pairs of rhyming words to create a fun song. Engaging activities that integrate reading and writing are designed to reinforce letter-sound associations and phonological awareness—skills children need as they learn to decode text and spell new words.

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